Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis & Eye Problems

Painful and potentially fatal, nephrogenic system fibrosis (NSF) is an incurable, severe skin condition that may develop in kidney disease patients who have received an injection of a gadolinium MRI contrast agent prior to an MRI scan.

Developing rapidly within the first few months of its onset, nephrogenic system fibrosis generally slows its progression following this initial outbreak. However, the damage done in these months can be permanently disabling, if not fatal - and the disease never stops progressing. As a result, treatment methods involve minimizing the symptoms, which are far easier to treat the earlier the condition is diagnosed.

Yellow, Raised Spots on the Whites of Your Eyes

Commonly, NSF symptoms include hard, tight, painful masses or lesions on the skin that have excess pigmentation and cause burning and itchiness. In some cases, the symptoms are ocular and they specifically involve the development of yellow spots or patches on the whites of the eyes.

Although yellow spots in the eyes can indicate a variety of health complications, such as jaundice, when coupled with the above-described lesions, patients may have nephrogenic system fibrosis and they should seek immediate medical attention for thorough exam and a proper diagnosis.

What are Gadolinium Contrast Dyes?

Gadolinium is a metallic element that is used in some MRI contrast agents due to the fact that it can dramatically improve the image resulting from a MRI scan. This, in turn, helps medical professionals more closely examine the structure and function of organs, which allows them to make faster, more accurate diagnoses.

Despite such advantages, however, gadolinium contrast agents can be extremely toxic to patients with a history of:

  • moderate to severe kidney disease
  • dialysis (to treat renal failure)
  • a kidney transplant
  • use of immuno-suppressant medications
  • hepatitis C, lupus or any illness that impairs kidney function

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with NSF and have been exposed to gadolinium MRI contrast dyes, you may want to speak with an experienced attorney about your injury. Injured parties are invited to learn more about their legal rights and get their lawsuit started by attending a complimentary, no-obligations initial consult with an esteemed personal injury lawyer.

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